Tips for making the most of those days between the weekends.

If it feels like your whole life is just getting up, going to work, then coming home and repeating it all over again day after day, you’re not alone. Lots of us really do live for the weekend, but with a few tweaks, we can break that monotonous habit and create a more meaningful week in between the weekends.

"It's important to find more meaning each week because each week only comes around once in your lifetime," explains self-improvement author Tanya Carroll Richardson. "When you think of your days that way they feel more important and precious."

Every day can’t be thrilling, but here are some tips for slowing down to be present in your daily life and finding meaning in the little things.

  • Schedule time to see friends - We don’t have to wait for the weekend to have a social life, plan to meet a friend for a drink after work on Tuesday or get together with your group for a potluck dinner on a Thursday.
  • Do everyday activities with intention - Pick something you normally do on autopilot - like driving to work - and pay attention to the motions instead of just zoning out. It’s all about being aware of the little things to help you slow down to enjoy the week.
  • Try an interesting hobby - Find something creative or that consumes your mental energy so you can lose yourself in it for a few hours and have some fun.
  • Create reminders to “wake up” - If it’s hard for you to stay in the moment, leave yourself sticky note reminders on the mirror to stop, breathe, and feel so you stay mindful.
  • Jot down your thoughts - Therapists recommend journaling because it helps you connect to your thoughts, and even just taking a minute to scribble down what you’re thankful for today can help create more meaning in your daily life.
  • Slow down with a cup of tea - The ritual can slow you down and make you feel centered, and some teas give you a nice burst of calm energy, while you get a minute to focus on your thoughts.
  • Try to unplug - Stop scrolling through your phone for a few minutes, the world will still be there.
  • Try yoga and/or meditation - The deep breathing you do in yoga can help you with mindfulness and getting more relaxed. And you can do meditation anywhere for just a few minutes to get a quiet mental break.
  • Plan out the week - If you feel like you’re all over the place, take the time to plan out your time so it’s easier to manage. Then it’ll be easier to enjoy each day instead of worrying about them.

Source: Bustle

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