Questions you should ask before accepting a new job!

Bustle recently spoke with a handful of human resources managers to compile a list of nine questions you should ask before accepting a new position. Here they are: 

  • “How long do I have to accept the offer?” When it comes to something as important as your career, you should never rush a decision. 
  • "What are the core working hours?" Not all jobs operate on a nine-to-five schedule, so it's important to ask about when you'll be expected in the office. 
  • "Does the salary package include any benefits?" This could include health care, dental, stocks, bonuses and many other benefits.
  • “Is the salary negotiable?” If the original offer isn't what you were hoping for, it's important to feel comfortable going to bat for yourself.
  • "How can I make an impact in this job?” This will give you the tools to succeed once you start.
  • "Are their opportunities for growth?” Asking about growth opportunities up front will give you an idea of what to expect after a few years in this new role.
  • "What are the company’s vaules/ mission?” Every company has a mission statement, but not every company is going to have a mission statement that resonates with you personally. 
  • "How will my success as an employee be evaluated?” It’s helpful to have an idea of how your performance in the role is going to be evaluated.
  • "Why did the previous person leave this position?” It will help you understand what your employer is looking for in the next employee to take the job. 

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