Community helps special boy celebrate 12th birthday

A group of close to 100 strangers surprised a boy to celebrate his birthday when he thought no one was coming. Mike Ellis met the boy’s mom a few years back on World Homeless Day and she shared her story of escaping domestic violence and ending up on the streets and shelters of Spokane, Washington with her two sons. Things have been looking up for the family recently, thanks to support from local charities they’ve moved into an apartment and mom was ready to throw her 12-year-old his first birthday party ever.

But all the boy’s classmates at his new school declined to come to his party and he was understandably upset. That’s when his buddy Mike got on Facebook, sharing a bit of what the family has been through and asking his friends to come help celebrate this special kid’s special day. And they did not disappoint.

This 12-year-old got an incredible birthday celebration thanks to the kindness of strangers. He rode on a party bus filled with people who wanted to share in his birthday fun and dined at a local restaurant, enjoyed a homemade Harry Potter cake, got new Nike sneakers, and all kinds of gifts and cards from well wishers all over.

“They were overwhelmed, overjoyed, they were absolutely blown away by it,” Ellis says. “I really believe that yesterday changed the lives of the mom and those two boys.”

Source: Yahoo

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