What are the weirdest ways people have met their significant others?

Have you ever met a lover interest in a really unusual way? Odds are it wasn't as wild as how the 15 couples on a recently published BuzzFeed list met. Six of their meet-weird stories are below (click on the link for more):

  • "I met my husband when we were in high school. I was having a sleepover with friends and he delivered a pizza to my house. The driver got lost and called me for directions, so I went out to meet him and noticed he was very attractive. After a few minutes of flirting, I went back inside and told my friends and parents about how cute the pizza guy was. They all insisted I called him back, so I did. We just got married this year!"
  • "My parents met over a cadaver at med school."
  • "My great-grandpa randomly kissed my great-grandma at his engagement party to another women. He called off his engagement the next day and later married my great grandma. They were together until their deaths."
  • "My parents met at a gay party. My mom was a ballerina and my dad was an actor, and all their friends are gay. They spent the entire evening drinking vodka and pretending to be Russian spies, each believing the other was queer. They found out weeks later they were both straight, and the rest is history."
  • "A friend of mine works at an open-air museum with Roman excavation grounds. A few times a year, they have big festivals where they dress up in original Roman tunics and uniforms. Groups that specialize in Roman cosplay come from all over Europe to show their skills. One wanted to perform a traditional Roman wedding. Unfortunately, they didn't have a bride available, so my friend stepped in. Long story short, she married her now-boyfriend traditional Roman-style before she even knew his name. It is my favorite 'How did you two meet?' story of all time. They met at their own wedding."
  • "My boyfriend and I met on top of a mountain. He was behind me and I pretended to stop to get something out of my bag so I could ignore him when he passed me on the way up, but then I ended up running into him. He asked if I wanted my picture taken at the overlook and we talked the whole hike down. The picture is from the day we met. Someone asked us to take their picture and offered to take ours in return, and we didn't know how to tell them that we just met an hour ago."

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