Hack of the Week-Unstick a Zipper

Winter is here, which means lots of winter coats to zip up--and lots of zippers that will get stuck. Luckily, there are several hacks you can try to unstick that stuck zipper. Such as:

  • Insert a paper clip into the hole in the zipper, and pull the paper clip up to get the zipper going again.

  • Rub a bar of soap along the zipper to lubricate it. You may need to apply soap to both the inside and outside of the zipper.

  • Other lubricants to try include wax paper, coconut oil, Chapstick WD-40, or a dab of dish soap or Vaseline.

  • Believe it or not, spraying Windex on the stuck zipper can also unstick it!

  • "Draw" on your stuck zipper with a crayon or graphite pencil.

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