Can what you eat for lunch tell you something about yourself?

Can what you eat for lunch tell you something about yourself? To find out, Elite Daily consulted a dietician named Summer Yule, who dispensed the following pearls of wisdom concerning various midday dishes:

  1. Soup. "Maybe they feel a little cold and are needing something warming to perk them up," Yule suggests. 
  2. Sandwich. "Sandwiches are one of the quickest lunch options," says Yule. "Perhaps the person who chooses the sandwich is feeling rushed."
  3. Salad. According to Yule, the ingredients you choose to put in your salad might signify your personal emphasis on healthy living. "I could put a salad together that is loaded with sugary dressing, tortilla strips, croutons made from refined flour, etc., that is far less health-promoting than a sandwich that is packed with vegetables on whole grain bread," she explains.
  4. Carbs (bagels, pasta, etc). If you love a carb-loaded lunch, then you're probably from Boston—no, seriously. Ritual, an order-ahead food app, recently analyzed its customers' lunchtime food preferences and broke them down by region, and according to data sent directly to Elite Daily via email, Bostonians are apparently eating the most pasta, bagels, and sandwiches for lunch.
  5. Sweets (like doughnuts). According to Ritual's data, if you have a huge sweet tooth, then you might just be from Minneapolis, as the app found that people in this city tend to eat more doughnuts during lunch than people in any other region—and, I mean, the bigger the sweet tooth, the sweeter your personality is, right?

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