“Festive Burnout” Is A Thing, And A Lot Of People Get It

Are you already sick of the holidays even though they technically haven’t started yet? You're not alone. According to a new study, LOTS of people experience holiday burnout, and for all sorts of reasons.

The poll finds that 68% of Americans consider the holiday season a stressful time, with 35% admitting they get burnt out on the holiday season way before Christmas arrives. In fact, 36% experience “Festive Burnout” before mid-December, while 17% say they get it even before December starts.

It seems all that getting ready for the holidays does people in, with the poll finding the average American will spend 38 hours getting ready. The biggest chunk of time will be spent shopping, about 13 hours, followed by cooking, which Americans spend nine hours and 17 minutes on. Then there’s another nine hours spent just planning for the holiday, with another seven spent decorating.

  • So, what specifically contributes to holiday burnout? Well, it turns out it’s everything from shopping, to long lines to constantly hearing holiday music to constant holiday commercials. Check out the Top Ten contributors below. 

Top 10 Contributors To “Festive Burnout”

  1. Shopping (65%)
  2. Crowds (63%)
  3. Long lines (58%)
  4. Buying presents (51%)
  5. Cooking (48%)
  6. Knowing what gifts to buy people (46%)
  7. Constantly hearing holiday music (45%)
  8. The pressure of making Christmas day special (44%)
  9. Constantly seeing holiday commercials on TV (36%)
  10. Wrapping presents (34%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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