Man's Best Friend Helps Women Sleep Better!

Study: Women Who Share A Bed With Dogs Sleep Better              

Hey ladies! If you’re looking for a peaceful night of sleep, it might be time to kick your partner out of bed and let your dog take their place. According to a new study, women who cuddle their canines in bed instead of another human might have better sleep.

Researchers at Canisius College surveyed 962 women pet owners to find out how having an animal affects their sleep. They found that 55% of dog owners admit they let at least one pooch sleep in the bed, compared to only 31% of cat owners who allow their felines to share their covers, and 57% of all women surveyed share their bed with another human.

And the survey shows that dogs disturb sleep less than humans and cats, plus dogs provide “stronger feelings of comfort and security.” Dog owners were also found to go to bed earlier and keep a stricter sleep schedule, which study authors say may contribute to a better quality of sleep.

Source: CBS

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