Tips for navigating all the social gatherings this season without alcohol!

If you’ve decided not to drink booze anymore or you’re in recovery, it can be hard to navigate social gatherings without feeling pressure to partake. And during the holidays, it can be even harder because it seems like everyone else is enjoying a festive glass of wine or a cocktail. But no matter why you’re alcohol-free, you can still have fun during the holidays with these tips for navigating all the social gatherings this season.

  • Be honest with yourself - Before you say yes to a holiday engagement, make sure you’ll be able to handle that environment with people socially drinking. If not, it’s okay to make other plans.
  • Bring a sober buddy - Having someone else with you who isn’t drinking either makes parties and events so much easier.
  • Identify and avoid your triggers - This is especially important for people who are living with alcohol addiction and are recently sober. Turn down an invitation if it involves people or a scene that’s unhealthy for you.
  • Practice saying no - Might sound silly, but having a response ready for pushy people who want to know why you’re not drinking can help and answers like “just not drinking tonight” or “just gave it up” should work.
  • Grab a nonalcoholic drink - Just having something in your hand can make you feel more comfortable and it could stop others from offering you a cocktail.
  • Create an exit strategy - Have a plan in place so when you need to go, you can go fast.
  • Remember your motivation to not drink - Remind yourself why you’re staying sober anytime you feel like giving in.
  • Throw an alcohol-free holiday celebration - If you want to see your loved ones and don’t feel like fighting the temptation, host your own booze-free get together.

Source: Huffington Post

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