Would you share your food baby?

Food is tasty and we love to eat it, so much so that sometimes it leaves us with bloated bellies after we chow. The resulting expanding tummy is sometimes called a “food baby” and we’ve all had one before, but it’s not something we typically talk about or show on social media. But one woman recently shared a photo of her “food baby” on Twitter and it brought the experience out in the open and lots of other women related to her.

It started with Fatimah Waheeb, who posted a pic of her “food baby” with the caption, “I can’t be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant??” Then she encouraged others to do the same, tweeting, “If you do have bloated pics post them in the thread.”

And people were happy to share. “Nah you ain’t alone sis,” one woman tweeted with a photo of her bloated belly. “I’ve been waiting for this moment LOLLLL,” another woman writes about her pic showing her proudly showing off her food baby in the mirror. And one woman shared a photo of double bloated bellies, belonging to her and her BFF.

While not all of us are willing to share our food baby pics on social media, Waheeb’s post is important because it helps normalize a common experience. She says she loves the replies her photo has gotten and that “It’s nice to know other women get as bloated as I do.”

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