What do you do with a kid who refuses to get out of bed before school?

While you'll often hear parents complain about how early their kids wake up on weekends, conversely, there are some children who can't seem to get up on time for school. So just how should a parent go about jacking their kid out of bed? Lifehacker has several thought on the matter:

  • Make sure they're getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has age-specific guidelines for how much sleep kids should get. (For instance, children between the ages of 6 and 13 need nine to 11 hours per night.) Follow them, and your kid will be likelier to rise and shine on time.
  • Let in the light. Nothing wakes a person up slowly and gently like the rising sun. That could be as simple as opening up the window blinds or shades during certain times of the year. During the dark winter months, though, we don’t always have time to wait for that. For those months, many parents recommend a sunrise alarm clock that gradually gets brighter to mimic the rising sun.
  • Give them a buffer. Try giving your kids a (short) set amount of time to lounge between “wake up” and “get up.”
  • Add noise. Alarm clocks work (especially if you place them across the room instead of right next to the bed), but they’re obviously pretty jarring. Instead, try a morning playlist of your kid’s favorite upbeat songs. Maybe the first song or two is their buffer time and by the time song 3 starts, they need to start pulling back the covers.
  • Sic a younger sibling on them.
  • Tickle their feet until they wake up.
  • Wake them up and take the covers with you when you leave the room.

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