8 Remedies for a Broken Heart

While getting a revenge body is a common response to a broken heart, Thought Catalog has compiled a list other things you can deal to cope with a breakup. Here they are:

  1. Write.Write down all the words you never said, but wish you had.
  2. Dig into projects you’ve been putting on hold.It will help you find a sense of purpose again. 
  3. Travel.When you travel, you become open to the possibility of what lies before you.
  4. Read.It’s remarkable what can happen when you let yourself get lost within the pages of a book.
  5. Go to a restaurant alone.It’s important that you begin to be able to stand on your own two feet.
  6. Cultivate the relationships you have.Make plans to see the other people you love in person.
  7. Work on your own strength and health.It’s good to want to take better care of yourself, to eat a cleaner diet, to work out, to make better choices regarding your overall health--but make sure that’s coming from a point of self-love. 
  8. Don’t let yourself linger in self-pity.Negativity feeds upon negativity, so when your friends want to drag you out of the house, go with them.

8 Remedies For A Broken Heart That Are Way Better Than ‘A Revenge Body’ | Thought Catalog

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