Quitting "With Flair": Some of the Best

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If it’s time to quit your job because you have a life change, simply want to move on, or can’t stand your boss or job, giving the basic two-week notice may not be enough.

To that end, some people get hilariously creative about resigning and “Ninja Journalist” has found some fantastic examples of work goodbyes. They’re so good that it may even inspire you, should the time arise for you to exit your workplace.

These soon-to-be classics are simple and snarky, two of our favorite characteristics.

  • One guy drew a picture of a dinosaur, named it quitmyjobosaurus, and wrote “This is a drawing of a dinosaur. It is also my two week notice. A fast food worker opted to make his exit public by using an outdoor Wendy’s sign to write “Greg I quit. Now that’s better.” We’re guessing there was no two weeks there!
  • One man went all out and created a memorial card. Instead of dating it with birth and death, it was the start and end dates of his job. The cover had a nice photo of him in his work uniform.
  • In an unhappy work uncoupling, a retail worker decided to share his decision by inserting two lines on an appliance price tag. Mixed in with the item details and price were the words “I’m quitting today” and “My boss is a p***k.”
  • We bow to the master who used his computer savvy to create a website popup. The worker gave his boss the option to renegotiate, Ignore, of click HR to find out how badly the boss messed up.

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Source: Ninja Journalist

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