The Most Aggravating Smartphone Sins at the Gym

Lots of people take selfies at the gym, but is the practice really kosher? It depends, writesThe Wall Street Journal, which came up with the following list of rules to follow when you're at the gym:

  1. No FaceTime or Skype in the locker room. Ever.
  2. No photos in the locker room, either.
  3. Don't jabber away on your phone in the sauna.
  4. Don’t text and lift. Just lift.
  5. Don’t camp out on equipment in between sets staring at your phone.
  6. Make sure no one else is in your gym selfie.
  7. Ask permission before posting images of others to social media.
  8. Remember the people around you when on the phone.
  9. Wait until class is over to ask for a selfie with the instructor

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