Construction workers return wedding ring

In Bentonville, Arkansas, Stephanie Ensinger was on her way home from the gym when she realized her wedding ring was missing. She was panicked as she had no idea where the diamond ring had dropped.

After she broke the news to her husband, John, he returned to the gym parking lot to search for it. And while he was searching, he explained what was going on to a crew of nearby construction workers.

Unfortunately, John wasn’t able to find the ring -- and he drove off. But wouldn’t you know it, just after John left, one of the construction workers found the ring.

That worker kept the ring in his pocket while on the job, hoping to see John again.

While John didn’t return, one of Stephanie’s friends did. The guys saw the friend, realized she was searching for the ring -- and were able to give it to her.

John and Stephanie say they are extremely grateful for the guys who kept her ring safe. Stephanie also says from now on, when she takes her ring off, she will have a very special place for it until it returns to her finger. (KFSM-TV)

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