Having trouble saving money? We can help you save your first $10,000!

Saving money shouldn't be as hard it sounds, and fortunately, there are ways to do it quickly and painlessly. Grant Sabatier, the founder of the online personal finance community Millennial Money, is an expert on saving money. In fact, he's so good at it that he's devised five simple steps to help you save your first $10,000. Here are his trips, as compiled by NBC News:

  1. The need for speed. The first 90 days are key, so save frequently and set aside as much as you can to help your account gain momentum. 
  2. Save more by a tiny amount.Whether you choose to save a specific dollar amount or percentage, change how much you put aside every 30 days by increasing it ever so slightly. 
  3. Invest your side hustle cash.Instead of spending extra money you make, deposit it. Every dollar counts, even if it's just one you happened to find in your couch. 
  4. The roundup strategy.Check your bank account daily and if it's close to a full-figure, find a way to get it there. 
  5. The double-up strategy.Start with smaller numbers and more manageable goals. If you’ve saved $10, make your next goals $20 and $40.

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