Brace yourselves parents! Here's what your teens think you need to hear!

It’s no secret parents think they know best when it comes to their teens, but if you ask teens, mom and dad may not necessarily be doing everything right. As kids get older there are often a lot of things parents are in the dark about, but now teens are letting them in on some secrets.

A new Reddit thread asked teens to share the things they think their parents really need to hear, and they certainly didn’t hold back.

Things teens think their parents need to hear include:

  • "Just because I don't want you going through my phone doesn't mean I have something to hide. It means that it's an invasion of my privacy."
  • "Don't protect us fromeverythingor we won't be able to deal withanything."
  • "If we tell you about our depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, it means we trust you. Don't break that trust by brushing it off like it's nothing."
  • "You may be older, but that doesn't automatically make you right. Sometimes I actuallydoknow what I'm talking about."
  • "'Because I said so' is not a valid argument."
  • "When your teenage son doesn't want to stand upunder any circumstance, he most likely has a boner. Spare him some humiliation."
  • "Not all of my friends are drug addicts."
  • "Please don't criticize your kid's appearance, whether it's their weight, fashion sense, or how they look in general. You're meant to build them up, not tear them down — and it will stick with them for the rest of their life."
  • "Just tell us you’re having sex, and we’ll leave you alone. Don’t try and hide it.We know."
  • "You’re just as addicted to technology and social media as we are." 

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