Tips that will make traveling with your pet even easier

Mental Floss has compiled a list of tips that will make traveling with your pet even easier. Here they are:

  1. Keep pets comfortable in a travel crate.Giving them a confined space that’s their own is usually the better option. 
  2. Don’t fill your pet’s crate with toys.If the crate is too full, it can be impossible for them to move around and adjust their position.
  3. Make sure you have all the correct paperwork.Many places require incoming pets to have an up-to-date health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian.
  4. Make it easier to find your pet if they get lost.Implanting a microchip under your dog or cat’s skin will make them trackable no matter where in the country they wander off to. 
  5. Skip a meal on travel days.Motion sickness can upset your animal’s stomach rather quickly. 
  6. Keep your pet hydrated.Allowing animals to self-regulate their water intake, perhaps by attaching a bowl to the inside of their crate, is ideal. 
  7. Keep them occupied with a toy.When your dog is preoccupied on reaching the treat inside the toy, it's harder for them to focus on anything else. 
  8. Never leave your pet in a car alone.It only takes seven minutes for them to basically move into a situation where it becomes fatal.
  9. Choose pet-friendly accommodations.There are plenty of hotels that offer perks for pet owners, like doggie daycare. Even if a place doesn’t advertise their pet policy, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask.
  10. Make your travel destination feel like home.Bringing their favorite items from home can make pets feel more at ease. 
  11. Know when it’s best to leave your pet at home.If you plan on spending most of your trip in places that don’t allow animals, it may be best to leave your pet at a kennel or with a sitter or trusted friend.

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