13 Things You Could Be Doing That's Costing You That New Job

BuzzFeed as compiled a bunch of information about job interviews from Reddit to compile a list of things that may be keeping you from getting hired. Here they are:

  1. Googling your interview answers.It's a dead giveaway when after every question there's 10 seconds of umming, and then you give a textbook answer.
  2. Dismissing the person talking to you for a power play.You shouldn’t ignore the person who asked the question and only talk to the person they think has the most power in the room. 
  3. Showing up late and not owning up to it.Turn a negative into a positive and show you have accountability. Not addressing it shows you don't have respect for me and my time. 
  4. Talking bad about your past employers.Name-calling your past employer is a bad look. 
  5. Admitting your true intentions for a role to the hiring manager.Never tell your potential employer you just want to sit on your butt all day and do nothing.
  6. Not utilizing your resources.Reach out to a lower-level employee and learn from them and get tips.
  7. Lying on your resumé.If you put it on your resumé, they are going to ask you about it. 
  8. Not checking your spelling.Check your grammar and punctuation over and over. Correspondence via emails should be professional too.
  9. Treating people badly.So many applications are thrown out of the stack without ever being considered because the applicant doesn’t think anyone matters but the person making the final decision. 
  10. Acting better than the person hiring you.You need to show that you're someone whose opinion they should trust.
  11. Saying what you are not, even if that’s a requirement of the job.In 2019, leading with, “I’m not a big computer or email person,” is not a good look. 
  12. Embellishing your resumé with nonsense.A little embellishment is expected to make yourself look good, and most people can read between the lines, but don’t go overboard. 
  13. Having bad phone etiquette.Don’t blow off an interview or answer your phone by saying, “Who is this? What do you want?”

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