The drinks you should avoid if you want a good night's sleep!

Health experts say that if you want a good night's sleep, you shouldn't drink caffeine or alcohol right before bed.

  • Caffeine drinkers should have their last drink six hours before they go to bed to ensure a restful night of sleep. 
  • Alcohol can make you tired, but it also keeps you from entering deeper sleep, and can make your sleep less restorative.
  • The best drink? According to one expert it's water, as even mild dehydration can negatively impact your sleep. 

Experts say that if you enjoy sipping a beverage before bedtime, there are certain that you should avoid if you want a good night's sleep. Jessica Garay Redmond of Syracuse University says anything with caffeine should be avoided at night. "That's not even just right before bed, but I think depending on a person's caffeine sensitivity, they may need to shut down the caffeine in their day at some point in the afternoon or certainly by dinner time so that they can then have a restful night sleep," she tells CNN. And while alcohol may help you fall asleep, that's where the benefits end, according to Rebecca Robbins of NYU Langone Health. "It continues to pull you out of rapid eye movement and the deeper stages of sleep, causing you to wake up not feeling restored," she notes. Warm milk with honey can help you feel drowsy, Redmond adds, but "it's really about trying to stay hydrated with water," as going to bed even mildly dehydrated can disrupt your sleep.

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