Tips that will make clearing your inbox more manageable after vaca!  

Coming back to a full inbox after a vacation can be stressful. With that in mind, Lifehacker has compiled this list of tips for making your return a little more manageable. Here they are:

  • Keep your auto-responder on.Keep an auto-responder on, and imply (or flatly lie) that you’re unreachable on your first day back. 
  • Clear out all the newsletters first.Select all the newsletters in your inbox. Move them all to a separate folder, or snooze them.
  • Send a quick reply to buy more time.To lower your stress, and the stress of the people waiting for you, send a quick “Working on this!” email. 
  • Snooze all non-urgent email.Use the “snooze” function on Gmail or Boomerang to hide those emails until a specified date.
  • Work top-down.This will go faster than if you cherry-pick. 
  • Then bottom-up.Once you’ve worked back to the date you left, stop. Now go to the very bottom of your inbox, and work up from there.

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