How To Connect With Your Partner To Build Intimacy, According To Experts

Connecting with your partner in a more intimate way doesn't have to be that hard. With that in mind, Bustle recently spoke with a handful of experts and gathered the following tips about doing just that. Here they are:

  1. Kiss goodbye and goodnight.A quick kiss goes a long way to you remembering that someone cares. 
  2. Make your partner coffee in the morning.Simply put, it’s an act of kindness. 
  3. Show up every day as your true self.When both partners feel like they're truly being seen and heard, it's easier to maintain a lasting, authentic connection.
  4. Be curious and ask questions.Make every day an opportunity to learn something new about them. 
  5. Make eye contact.Spending just four minutes locking eyes with someone can increase feelings of intimacy and connectedness.
  6. Discuss your love languages.When you know exactly what your partner needs, it's easier to create intimacy.
  7. Schedule time for each other.Scheduling time for your partner means you're completely present to listen to them or have fun with them, without any distractions.

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