Tips to stop self negative talk from the experts!

It’s often easy to get down and be negative about ourselves, but that certainly isn’t good for one’s mental health. So, how do we stop all that negative self-talk once and for all? Well, here are some tips to stop all that self-negativity.

  1. Learn to catch it– The first step in stopping it is realizing you’re doing it. Most people learned to talk negatively about themselves, so it’s something they can also unlearn.
  2. Become your own best friend– Would you say the negative things you say about yourself to other people? Probably not so why are you doing it to yourself? Start treating yourself the way you’d treat your best friend, because you deserve it.
  3. Remember that seasons change– It’s easy to think that things will never change, but life has seasons, and some are harder to get through than others.Take time and be patient, things will get better.
  4. Don’t keep it inside– If you’re struggling, find someone to talk to. They can help you realize how negatively you’re talking about yourself.
  5. List out what you’re grateful for– When you’re down it’s hard to remember all the things that are good in your life, so writing out a list can help remind you.
  6. Speak out loud– Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you overcome negativity. Voice what you love about yourself. Plus, take that list you just made and read it out loud as a good reminder.

Source: FabFitFun

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