Are you suffering from FOBO?

You've heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but now there's also FOBO (Fear Of Better Option.) Author Patrck McGinnis coined both terms, and says the newest one, FOBO, describes a situation where you can't make a decision as you worry you're missing out on a better option. McGinnis explains on his website, "FOBO, or Fear of a Better Option, is the insidious twin of FOMO. It keeps you from committing to any choice in case another, more optimal opportunity comes along. Then, at the very last minute, you pick whatever works best for you, without considering the effects your behavior has on those who are impacted by your indecision." Another note: the richer someone is the more options they have, so the more FOBO they may grapple with, and all FOBO for all people is driven by anxiety. 

(Daily Mail

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