Airlines with the best and worst customer service!


Upgraded Points has come out with their picks for the airlines with the best and worst customer service, based on U.S. government consumer report data from November 2018 to August 2019.

  • When it comes to complaints, both Frontier and Spirit have the most average monthly complaints per 10,000 passengers, with 27.
  • The airline with the most complaints overall is American Airlines with 1,341, although that amounts to only 14 per 10,000 passengers.
  • Skywest has the fewest number of complaints (5 per 10,000 passengers/153 total), followed by Endeavor Air (4 per 10,000/36 total).
  •  EasyJet Airlines is the airline with the most percentage of cancelled flights, at 4.7%, with Envoy Air (3.8%) and Mesa Airlines (3.1%) close behind.
  • Delta gets props for theleastamount of canceled flights, with only 0.2% of their flights canceled, followed by Hawaiian Airlines (0.4%) and Allegiant Air (0.5%).
  • As for on-time arrivals, Hawaiian Airlines has the best percentage (86.5%), followed by Delta (82.4%)
  • ExpressJet has the lowest percentage of on-time arrivals (70%), followed by Frontier and JetBlue (72%)
  • When it comes to lost baggage, overall Envoy Air has the highest average number of bags per 1,000 mishandles (8.7), with Allegiant (2.0) and Frontier (2.9) having he least.
  • When it comes to total number of mishandled bags, Southwest is the worst with 49,191, with American Airlines close behind with 47,243. 

Source:Upgraded Points

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