How 1 Tweet Turned into a Thread of Kindness!

A tweet about a simple act of kindness has inspired a Twitter thread of women sharing stories about how much impact a compliment from a stranger can have. Author Holly Seddon tweeted about a woman coming up to her in a cafe to tell her, “Just wanted to say your dress really suits you.” She says she nearly cried because she was so touched and vowed to tell other women she likes their clothes when she does.

This hit home with a lot of other women -her tweet has over 50-thousand likes- and it started a Twitter thread about how an unexpected compliment had a huge, positive impact on them. One woman writes that she told a women she loved her hair and she revealed she’d had chemo the year before and her hair grew back differently and she wasn’t sure what to do with it, so the kind words made her week.

Another woman tweets that someone once told her she was doing a really good job with her kids, on a day when they were driving her bananas. She says, “it meant the world” and she’s never forgotten it. And another another points out that it’s not just the compliment receiver that feels good, being kind to each other is a win-win. So it really is something we should be doing more often.


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