Girl Scouts Introducing Sneakers Inspired By It's Cookies

If you're someone who loves Girl Scout cookies and waits for cookie-buying season to come around every year, you can now show your devotion by wearing sneakers inspired by some Girl Scout cookie favorites. The Girl Scouts have teamed up K-Swiss on the line of sneakers that will be released next month, made up of three sneakers inspired by three Girl Scout cookies and their colorful boxes: Thin Mints; Samoas and Trefoils. The Thin Mints-inspired sneakers are mint green and brown with brown polka dots on the inside, the Samoas-inspired ones are orange with magenta shoelaces and lining, and the ones inspired by Trefoils are tan and blue, with the shape of the shortbread cookies embossed on their sides. The sneakers will be available via K-Swiss, the Girl Scouts online store and Foot Locker.

(Fox News)

Photo: Getty Images