Average household has 21 disagreements a week! Are you over or under?

What do you and family argue about the most? 

A survey found that the average household has 21 disagreements a week, with most arguments over trivial things. According to the survey, these are the Top 10 Most Common Family Arguments:

A spokesperson for Cushelle [https://www.cushelle.com/family-arguments-survey], which commissioned the research to highlight its longer-lasting double roll, said: “No family is perfect, and each one will have its own memorable disagreements.  

  1. Someone leaving all the lights on when they aren’t in the room
  2. Someone leaving shoes in the middle of the floor/ in the doorway
  3. Messy bedrooms
  4. Someone not doing their fair share of the chores
  5. Not changing the empty toilet roll when the last of it is used
  6. When the heating/air should come on
  7. Squeezing trash into an already full trash can rather than emptying it first
  8. Leaving dirty laundry on the floor
  9. Someone leaving plates and glasses in their bedroom
  10. Leaving dishes in the sink rather than just washing them

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