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It’s out with the old and in with the new, at least when it comes to fashion. Now that we’re in a new year, new fashion trends come with it. So what will everyone be wearing in 2022? These are the clothing and accessories that stylists and designers say we’ll be seeing more of.

  • The bucket hat fad from the 1990s - With 90s and early 2000s fashions back in style, this trend has already been making a comeback. Stylist Sahra Schukraft Brandt says the bucket hat look will be especially popular with younger generations.
  • Power suits - Fashion and wardrobe stylist Jasie Style says there’s one outfit that will take center stage in 2022: the power suit. She predicts the ones made in bold, colorful fabrics will be most popular.
  • Sustainable and ethical fashion is on the rise - This trend includes repeating outfits, choosing vintage options and supporting ethical clothing brands and celebrity stylist Kat Eves says we’ll be seeing more of it.
  • Baggy, loose denim is here to stay - You’ve probably heard that skinny jeans are out, according to younger generations, and it looks like it’s true. Fashion influencer Maria Juvakka expects loose-fitting denim will continue to gain popularity this year. The mom jeans that had a moment in 2021 aren’t going away and baggy, flared jeans are back.
  • Bold chains and cocktail rings - If you want to dress up your outfit, statement pieces like bold-link chains and oversized cocktail rings are the way to go. Fie Isolde, a Scandinavian jewelry designer, says these pieces will “set the tone for your outfit in 2022.”
  • Everyone will be wearing cardigans - At least according to celebrity stylist Mary Francis. She says both men and women will be wearing the versatile sweaters and using cardigans as jackets.
  • Wide-leg pants - Brandt predicts that pant legs are only going to get wider this year. “Skinny pants are out,” she explains, “And while straight legs have been on the up and up, we’re seeing increasingly wider legs on pants and jeans.”

Source: Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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