Exit ramp for Cuming St from HWY 75 will close from 9AM Friday to Monday at 6AM If you are heading to Century Link stay on 480 to downtown (10/23)

A residential intersection closed: Westgate Ave at Nina (just off 80 and 72nd) (10/20)  

SB 168th Maple to Bedford (about 2 blocks south) lane restrictions (10/23)

WB Maple 108th to 132nd lane restrictions (10/20)

Keystone Drive from Maple to Military Ave various lane restrictions along this long stretch of road (11/1)

Lakeshore neighborhood; your Q st entrance is closed at 172nd for the next 7 days (10/24)

Westbound Q st from Blackwell Dr.  (aprox 152th) to 153rd lane restrictions (10/20)

WB L 84th to 96th lane restrictions

Water main repair has 72nd down to 1 lane both north and south bound for about a block Pinkney to Bedford north of Maple (10/19)

96th; due to bridge work over I-80, lane restrictions continue

WB Pacific at 84th lane restrictions (10/31)

Blair High Road at 96th Lane restrictions (10/23)

13th St Leavenworth to Farnam (5 blocks north) various lane restrictions (10/23)

NB Millard Ave 132nd to 136th down to 1 lane (10/19)

13th St both north and southbound Leavenworth to Farnam lane restrictions (10/23)

NB 144th from Pacific to Dodge down to one lane (10/30)

144th both north and south of Dodge road work; this DOES affect your on/off ramps 

EB F st at 90th; lane restrictions (10/23)

42nd Leavenworth to about one block south to Marcy; lane restrictions  (10/23)

The on ramp to I-80 WESTBOUND from Madison Ave  is closed for road work until 11/1.

Abbott Dr in front of Epply Airport NB right lane closed for for parking garage renovations until 2019.

Center south to Spring on 60th is head to head traffic in the SB lanes. (10/24)

168th Giles to Harrison is closed through November and this causes big delays on 156th (11/13)

I-L-Q ramp FROM I-80 are down to one lane; expect long delays (12/1)

80 EB exit ramp to 24th is closed through December; lane restrictions begin at the 480 split

80 EB off ramp to NB 13th lane restrictions ALSO the NB 13th St ON ramp/loop to 80 WB is closed  (11/15)

The intersection of 132nd and Giles Road closed through October

132nd St. Both NB/SB at Pacific Various lane restrictions in the intersection. Traffic reduced to one lane in all 4 directions for about 3 blocks approaching the intersection (12/6)

84th st Both NB/SB between Harrison St and Q Traffic down to 1 lane each direction until December for repair/replacement of bridge over RR tracks (12/1)

84th St closed Pacific to Dodge St (just south of Indian Hills Drive) until mid-December. Use 72nd,78th or 90th There is STILL access to the hospital from 84th.

La Platte Road is closed at HWY 75 until November.  Use 10th St to Hidden Valley Drive (11/24)

144th St Both NB/SB north of Center Various lane restrictions from Pacific to Pine both directions (11/24)

Construction on 144th both north and south of Dodge. This does slow traffic at the on/off ramps. (10/26)

From HWY 275 at Waterloo to 180th long term lane restrictions both directions and very narrow lanes on bridge over Elkhorn River for bridge work (12/22)