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AVOID Pacific 154th to 142nd DOWN TO ONE LANE EACH DIRECTION Millard North Pacific St entrance is closed. Only 144th st entrance is open and CONSTRUCTION ON 144th from Dodge to Harvey Oaks Drive (just north of Center) Use Dodge or Center, but Center is always very slow.

Construction in the intersection  of 24th and F (5/28)

Florence Blvd Burt to Cass various lane restrictions Burt (6/2) 

42nd Q to O various lane restrictions (6/30)

Maple various lane restrictions both directions 120th to 129th (5/25)

10 th St Cass to Cuming various lane restrictions (6/2)

East bound Center at 90th (5/30)

Southbound William to Pine lane restrictions (5/28)

84th St half way between Dodge and Cass in the intersection; construction on Chicago.  (5/31)

Harney between 20th and 24th; lane restrictions (5/28)

50th St both directions various lane restrictions (5/25)

16th from Spring Lake Drive to C st. Lane restrictions (6/4)

F St 20th to 27th lane restrictions (5/25)

135th will have various lane restrictions from Millard Ave to Q St. (6/1)

Where Martha meets Ed.  Lane restrictions in the intersection of Ed Creighton Ave and  Park Ave  (the east and south side of Hanscom Park) (5/25)

HWY 31 Between HWY 6 (Near Gretna Mall entrance) to Schram Park near the Platte River Various lane restrictions along this stretch for resurfacing and bridge repair (6/30)

Dodge  Eastbound from 84th to 80th; all lanes open, but they are shifted.  Lines have been painted. 

No access to I-L-Q from 680 Southbound; You can still access 80 EB from Center (6/5)

Ft Crook Road closed Capehart to Fairview (5/26)

120th is closed in Papillion between Cornhusker to Centennial (9/1)

150th is closed for bridge replacement. Closed from Dodge to Wycliff just south of Dodge.

HWY 275 near Waterloo from Blondo to Meigs head to head traffic in the westbound lanes. Also  on/off ramps affected until late fall 2018

Old Lincoln HWY closed for the winter. Burt (aprox 174th) to 204th (6/15)

144th Dodge south to Just north of Center various lane restrictions both directions (8/6)

Blondo closed 171st to Dora Hamon PKWY  (Aprox 165th)  (8/30)

168TH is closed  Dodge to just south of Maple   (11/29)

Giles closed 180th to 192nd closed (5/29)

Capehart closed 144th to 150th    (6/15)

84th St long term road work. Various lane restrictions Harrison to L until December

114th closed Lamp (about 6 blocks south of Dodge) to Pacific (November 2018)

Abbott Dr in front of Epply Airport NB right lane closed for for parking garage renovations until 2019.

Construction and lane restrictions both east and west bound 80 at 13th.  The temporary 13th St off ramp to southbound comes up quick. Use caution.



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