iPhone Curser Trick Is Blowing Peoples Minds

When trying to get out a fast text is there anything more annoying than realizing a mistake and having to go back and fix it? Well, apparently there’s a hidden iPhone trick that makes moving your cursor much faster, and after one woman posted about it, it soon went viral.

It seems not many people knew that if you click and hold down the iPhone keyboard, it makes it easier for you to move the cursor left and right and even up and down. Food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davisdiscovered the hack on Facebook and after posting about it, folks were simply blown away.

"I thought I was an idiot for never having discovered this gem myself," she tells BuzzFeed News. "My mind was blown. Literally." And so were a lot of other people’s minds, even though the feature has apparently been around since 2015’s iPhone 6S. 

Check out her Krissy’s post and some of the reaction below:

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