Health Experts Give Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

If you’ve been sticking to your healthy eating goals all year, the holidays don't have to take you down. Just because there’s food everywhere this time of year doesn’t mean you have to pack on the pounds. Follow this advice from registered dietitians to enjoy the holidays without the weight gain...

  • Eat breakfast - Starting your day by filling up on something healthy, like an egg white omelet full of veggies, will help you avoid overindulging later.

  • Make time for fitness - Between all the holiday gatherings and quality family time, squeeze in some time to workout and make sure you stick to it.

  • Don’t show up hungry - You’re more likely to overdo it with empty calories if you head to a cocktail or dinner party when you’re famished.

  • Pitch in - The best way to make sure the event you’re attending has something healthy is to bring it yourself. Ask the host if they’d like you to whip up a lighter version of a traditional holiday dish.

  • Divide your plate well - It’s easy to overload on high-calorie favorites on Thanksgiving, but if you fill half your plate with veggies first, then a quarter with turkey and a quarter with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, you’re doing it the nutritionist-approved way.

  • Eat everything you like - The holidays don’t have to be a free for all, but you should enjoy all of the foods you love and you can skip the indulgent ones that aren’t your favorite.

  • Remember that’s it’s not just about the food - There are feasts, cocktails, and treats at every turn during the holidays, but there’s a lot more to celebrate. Focus on spending time with loved ones and find pleasure in the traditions, not just the fudge.

Source: PopSugar

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