Parents Wish They Knew These Things BEFORE They Had Kids

It’s no secret that being a parent isn’t easy, and no matter how prepared you think you are before that bundle of joy comes there are always surprises that no one seemed to warn you about, and probably should have. 

There's certainly a lot of parental wisdom parents can share with each other and now a bunch of parents have taken to Reddit to share the one thing they wish they knew before having kids, and we bet a lot of folks out there can relate.

Things parents wish they knew before having kids include….

  • "Kids are like video games — the longer you play, the harder the levels get. Everyone is always talking about how hard babies are — but in retrospect, babies were easy. It's the teenagers that are the pains in the ass."
  • "That you'll get really comfortable with poop, pee, and puke. I've caught my kid's puke three times now — WITH MY BARE HANDS."
  • "That you'll spend the first two years excitedly teaching them how to speak, then the next 16 years begging them to stop talking so much."
  • "That it's OK to accept help, whether it's medicine, a therapist, or a family member who can watch your baby so you can sleep, shower, and poop.”
  • "Don't waste money on expensive baby clothes. They will grow out of them before you know it."
  • "That no matter how great of a parent you are, sometimes your kids just willnotlisten."
  • “Sometimes you won't like your kid. They are born with the unique ability to find every one of your buttons and hammer them. But not liking them doesn't mean you don't love them."
  • "That I wouldn't appreciate silence until I had kids."
  • “That until they can speak, they are boring AF! Cute, if you're lucky. But really,reallyboring."
  • "And that every time you think you've gotten a handle on this parenting thingallof the rules change." 


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