Watch This Adorable Dad's Chat With Baby

The cutest video of a young dad having a full-blown conversation with his infant son is breaking the Internet.

The two are sitting on the couch watching TV as Detzin Pryor asks his son,Kingston, questions about the show. The animated baby responds as if he really understands what’s happening. 

During the adorable exchange, the dad asks his thoughts on the “grand finale.” Kingston responded with gibberish and started pointing like he had strong opinion. “That’s exactly what I was thinking! ... We think a lot alike,” Detzin jokingly replied. Eventually the baby ends the chat with, “Bye, bye, bye.” 

Kingston’s mom, Shanieke Pryor, uploaded the video and wrote in the caption, “Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad.” They gained over 500,000 views and tons of comments like:

  • “When the baby shook his head ... that’s when I knew they were in fact having a legit conversation,” one user wrote.
  • Another said,“This is the BEST baby. All other babies are cancelled.”

Source: Today

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