Tips For Adjusting To The Time Change

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Daylight saving time is over. We're now in Standard Time, which you'd think would be a good thing since we get an extra hour of sleep. However, the whole time switch process is actually pretty bad for our health. Researchers say the incidence of heart attacks increase around the time change in both spring and fall. The time change also coincides with a rise in traffic accidents and sleep deprivation, which can lead to more workplace injuries and emergency room visits. That's mainly because switching to Daylight Saving Time disrupts the body's natural rhythm, which has a negative effect on health.

Plus it just makes us... sad. Being dark so muche arlier is tough. How do you fight? WellCNNposted these recommendations...

Wake-up lights

These specific lights help with vitamin D production being among the most well-known benefits.

Smart homes

They have several features for helping you sleep and wake up.

Light therapy boxes

Light therapy boxes are one of the most commonly used products to help combat SAD by emitting bright lights to simulate natural outdoor light, and as little as 30 minutes near them can help.

Weighted blankets

These, which are new trend, help people get a better night's sleep, especially if you suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

See the full list here:CNN

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