Tips To Remember When Going To The Gym

If your New Year's Resolutions include going to the gym to get in better shape, that's fantastic! But there are a lot of people making that same goal for 2020 and it can get kind of hectic in the gym, especially for newcomers who aren't familiar with the setting.

A recent Reddit thread asked regular gym goers about procedures and etiquette that new year resolution-ers should know about the gym, and here's a short list of what they had to say. 

Gym tips includes:

  • “1. Re-rack your weights. 2. Don't leave your weights on the bar. 3. After you are finished, return the weights.”
  • "one thing. if u are unsure how to do an exercise correctly - for the love of god ask. most people are friendly and will help."
  • "If you can afford it, get some wireless headphones. There's nothing worse than dropping your phone and ripping wired ones out of your ears, or getting them caught on equipment and ripping them out of your ears.”
  • “The best workout plan is the one you can stick to. There is no 'best exercise' or 'best workout'. Pick one that you think you'll enjoy and stick with it.”
  • “Don’t wear an obnoxious amount of perfume or cologne. It’s a gym, we’re all supposed to stink a bit when we leave. I hate it when I have to get off of cardio equipment because the person next to me is doused in perfume and I can’t breath."
  • “Aimed at guys - please remember that 90% plus of women who go to the gym are there to work out, they aren’t there looking to get picked up. If you are having to interrupt someone’s workout and asking them to remove headphones so you can try to chat them up, it’s probably not going to end well for you."
  • “Don’t waste time on a machine watching TV, talking on the phone or texting excessively. People could be waiting for you to finish so do your lifts and keep it moving."
  • "Nobody cares what you look like at the gym. You shouldn't be discouraged by feelings that people are going to judge you for being too fat/thin at the gym. The entire purpose of the place is to build a healthier body. If anything I always looked up to the really out of shape people who would come in and work out hard. It's incredibly motivating to see."
  • “Don’t start big just because your friends or everyone else is lifting big. Start small, it’ll be easier to maintain the routine and there’s a much smaller chance you’ll injure yourself.”
  • “Actually READ how to use the equipment.”


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