Helpful Hack: Learn How To Take Better Photos On Your Phone

Sometimes, we take photos that we just aren't proud of. It's the most frustrating thing when you look back in your camera roll after a trip, a concert, a family event or whatever and see lack-luster photos of the memory. I've got a few tips for you, thanks to our friends at HubSpot.

Use the gridlines to balance your shot. Rule of thirds, right? You've heard of that. It's basically a photographer's concept that says an image should be broken into three parts. Usually, it's most flattering when your subject is at the intersection of one of those parts! Turning on the gridlines will help you envision this (it's all located in settings).

Set your camera's focus. All you have to do is tap the part of your phone focusing on your subject.

Don't be afraid of negative space. Negative space is the area around your subjects (or between). Don't be afraid to have a lot of it!

Find different perspectives. For example, take the photo looking down, or one of my favorites, flip your phone so the lens is closest to the ground. Actually set your phone (vertically) on the ground and balance it there while taking the photo. Another thing you can try is taking a panoramic shot of a vertical photo. Just crop it after!

Don't zoom in. Physically walk closer to your subject. Camera phones aren't so great for that.

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