Pepsi Rolls Out Hot Chocolate Flavored Soda

Pepsi knows that a hot cup of cocoa is a winter-time staple and and has launched a new product to say goodbye to “the worst year ever” with the new Pepsi ‘Cocoa’ Cola. Just not yet.

This new drink was only meant to be a concept in a Twitter post that read “What’s sweeter than saying ‘bye’ to the worst year ever? Pepsi ‘Cocoa’ Cola — the latest concept from the Pepsi Test Kitchen.” As a gag, they hoped for 2021 retweets, but when they scored triple that, it’s now a real thing...and it’s expected to hit shelves next year.

The drink is expected to come in a limited-edition form and the flavor is described as exactly what you think: classic Pepsi combined with chocolate and marshmallows.

I think I'll just stick with regular hot chocolate!

Source: Hypebeast

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