Guy That Mailed Himself In A Crate To Get Back Home Is Writing A Book

Mystery Box

There's a 75-year-old guy named Brian Robson who lives in the U.K. Back in 1965, when he was 19, he got a job working with a railroad company in Melbourne, Australia. They flew him out to the job, but he was homesick and he hated it.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't quit, because he'd signed a two-year contract. His flight home would've cost around $950, and he was making $55-a-week.

So he came up with a scheme with two buddies at the job to MAIL him home in a wooden crate.

He wound up getting shipped around for FIVE DAYS and he says he was passing in and out of consciousness. Then finally a worker looked through a hole in the crate, saw him, and got him out . . . in Los Angeles. He'd been shipped to the wrong place.

After the U.S. officials figured out he wasn't a threat, Pan Am flew him home.

Now he's releasing a book about what he did . . . and he's trying to track down the guys who shipped him. Quote, "We were very good friends, [but] only for about three months. I'd love to find them again."

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