How To Trick Yourself Into Enjoying Workouts

Some people look forward to waking up every morning so they can hit the gym. But if you’re more the type who considers any form of exercise a chore, there’s still hope. Scientists have found we’re actually hardwired to try to avoid voluntary physical activity that isn’t necessary. The thing is, we need to exercise for our health, so if you’re someone who only runs when being chased, these are some sneaky science-backed strategies to make working out more enjoyable.

  • Work out socially - Multiple studies have found that including a friend or two can make exercise more fun. According to one study, walking in a group also increases the chances you’ll stick with the workout long-term. And another study finds exercising in a group leads to the release of more feel good endorphins than working out solo.
  • Down a pink drink - From the strange but true category, scientists have discovered that drinking a pink-colored beverage during workouts creates a “feel good” effect that can boost both performance and endurance.
  • Start with confidence - Research shows that self-confidence and positivity helps lead to a better workout, and one study suggests that believing in your athletic ability helps make exercise feel much easier.
  • Focus on happy exercise memories - Can you recall even one time when you had a good time working out? If so, you can use that memory to motivate you during your next sweat sesh. Researchers found participants who focused on a positive exercise memory were motivated to work out more than usual and more than a group who didn’t recall any memories.
  • And don’t forget headphones - Most people already know this trick, but listening to music helps when you’re breaking a sweat. A long list of studies highlight the connection between music and more enjoyable workouts, including one from the American College of Cardiology that finds high-energy, uptempo music promotes longer workouts.

Source: Eat This, Not That

Photo: Getty Images

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