Don't trust your thumb to be green? This is for you!

Want to be a plant parent but don’t trust your green thumb to keep them alive? Now you can get insurance for that. Horti, a plant subscription service, actually offers two houseplant insurance packages to save the day if you accidentally neglect yours. Both plans offer novice gardeners support from experts to help them develop the plant skills they need over time.

Horti’s insurance options are:

  • Plant Reassurance - This package is for wanna-be gardeners who can’t figure out why their plant is withering. Concerned plant owners can send in a photo of their sick plant and the plant docs will take a look, then offer personalized care tips and advice. ($4.99 a month)
  • Plant Resurrection - With this insurance plan, you also get plant health advice, as well as the extra peace of mind that if your little leafy baby doesn’t make it, the company will replace it with a new one. But it only covers plants purchased from Horti. ($9.99 a month)

“Instead of feeling nervous when bringing a new houseplant home or helpless when leaves start to brown, we want people to feel confident and hopeful as they begin to understand their nature for nurture,” explains Puneet Sabharwal, Horti founder and CEO. “These plans are designed to help our community feel confident to foster those connections for years to come.”

Source: Apartment Therapy

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