Many Americans Are Currently Working In Their Dream Jobs! Are you?

While it may be common to hear your friends complaining about their jobs, it turns out a lot of people actually aren’t that unhappy with their gigs. In fact, many people are actually working in their dream jobs. 

 Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Genius of Play,  

  • 43% of Americans say they are currently working in the job they dreamed about as a child.
  • Another 19% previously worked in their dream field.
  • The average person landed their dream job at age 23
  • Top jobs folks dreamed of having when they were a child include:
    • Doctor/nurse (33%)
    • Lawyer (24%)
    • Actor/actress (23%)
    • Artist (22%)
    • Teacher (21%)
    • Singer/musician (21%)
    • Scientist (17%)
    • Dancer (14%)
    • Professional athlete (14%)
  • The survey also wondered what influenced folks to pick those dream jobs, and parents played at least a partial role in that decision.
  • In fact, 34% of people say their parents’ job influenced their career trajectory.
  • But parents weren’t the only influences, and in fact, weren’t even the biggest ones.
  • Other influences include:
    • The activities I participated in as a child (sports, clubs, etc.) (50%)
    • The media I consumed (TV shows, books, etc.) as a child (40%)
    • The ways in which I played as a child (35%)
    • The toys I played with as a child (32%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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