Why Now Is The Best Time To Book Your Next Trip

While a lot of people take vacations during the summer, there are plenty of folks who enjoy getting away during the second half of the year. Well, a new report reveals that if you’re one of those people, you may want to think about booking your trip now. 

  • According to Priceline, many cities are seeing a travel revival, and there are several reasons why now’s the time to book.
  • Several big cities are seeing an increase in travel, including Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington, DC.
  • Hotel rates are starting to rise so if you want a deal you’ll need to book fast before they get even pricier. Daily hotel rates have increased 5% compared to this time in 2019 and they're only expected to continue to rise.
  • Airfare is still more affordable than it was pre-pandemic, with the average cost of a round-trip ticket down 15%. Plus, according to the TSA, while twice as many people seem to be traveling than 2020, it’s still less than the amount that traveled pre-pandemic.
  • You can get pretty good package deals, with the average package price dropping 10% in the second half of the year. 

So, with this in mind, where is everyone going?

  • Well, Priceline notes an increase in hotel interest for cities like Orlando, Sacramento and Phoenix, compared to this time in 2019, while cities like San Francisco, New York City and Seattle are showing an average daily decrease in hotel rates.
  • For flights, the biggest increase in consumer interest are in cities like Miami, Orlando and Atlanta, compared to this time in 2019. Plus, the biggest decreases in flight costs are for cities like Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Source: Priceline

Photo; Getty Images

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