Love to be organized but don't know where to start! Tips from TikTok!

Do you love a good home organizing hack? TikTok is full of them. There are videos showing all kinds of tips and ways to free up space and make things easier to find and some of them may even motivate you to finally get your house together. You could scroll for hours on end to find them, or just check out some of TikTok’s best organizing hacks right here so you can start decluttering sooner.

  • Condense pots, pans and plates - We’d love to have a perfectly arranged Williams Sonoma-esque pot rack hanging over the stove, but who has room for one? If your pots and pans are thrown into a cluttered cabinet, this video says the fix is a few slatted organizers. With different sizes for pots, pans and lids, you’ll be able to find what you need without having to move everything out of the cabinet.
  • Label everything - According to another video, one of the best parts of adulting is being able to create labels to put on cabinets, drawers and a pantry full of uniform containers. You can label anything from snack bins to spice jars to cotton ball containers and start living your best life, too.
  • Load up on Lazy Susans - You’ve probably seen these rotating trays in the spice cabinet or on a countertop, but why stop there? You can Lazy Susan everything from hair and makeup tools to toiletries to baby food and drinks in the fridge, according to this video, and make it all look better.
  • Color-code by kid - Another hack from TikTok helps parents get organized by assigning each of their kids a color. Then they go through their stuff and color-code gaming devices, backpacks, homework shelves and even toothbrushes.
  • Double up on closet space - If your closet is super crowded, you’re going to love this hack that can quickly double your closet space. All you need is a hanging closet bar, which you hang from your existing built-in closet rod and suddenly, you’ve got room to spare.

Source: PureWow

Photo: Getty Images

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