Oprah's "Fav Things" List Drops

Time to gift! Oprah Winfrey officially kicked off the holiday season with her list of favorite things, and it’s her longest list yet, with 110 items. 

“After this past year, I think we all deserve some surprises and delights for the holiday season,” Winfrey said. "That’s why we worked hard to find these truly delightful items." 


Winfrey always offers a range, with more than 40 this year coming in under $50. Some of her more affordable picks are: a $12 brightly colored eye shadow palettes from The Crayon Case, $15-$40 PJ’s from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, $40Little People Big Dreams book sets featuring influential names like Dolly Parton and Winfrey's mentor Maya Angelou; $59 for a Model Bakery jam and English muffins set.


Everyone loves the pricey items too though! This year a few include a $300 shoe-organizer bag from Sarah Jessica Parker x Samsonite; a $760 Blueair Health Protect, which cleans the air; a $300 pasta maker from Philips, and a $2,295 home rowing machine from Hydrow

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Photo: Getty Images

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