Bride Slammed For Charging Guests $99 To Eat At Reception

These days it seems like anything goes when it comes to weddings. While some couples stick to traditional nuptials, others opt for modern micro-weddings or informal backyard gatherings to celebrate their marriage. But one bride and groom are being called out for the way they’re handling their upcoming wedding reception because they’re charging guests for food up front.

In a post to Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” section, a friend of the bride shares that she recently received an invitation to the event with the unusual notification. It states, “We are unable to afford the food, so it will be $99 per head banquet style.” Making the whole thing even less appealing? There’s no open bar, so guests will also have to pay for their drinks. The bride’s buddy also points out that the wedding is a four-hour drive away for her and kids are not allowed, so for her to go, it would require her to pay for an overnight babysitter and a hotel, on top of the other costs.

As a result, she’s decided not to go to the wedding and says she was “blunt” with her friend, telling her that she felt it was a “bit tacky” to make guests pay for food. And most Redditors say they’d make the same choice:

  • “I wouldn’t even let the ink dry on the ‘unfortunately we are unable to attend’ reply before I mailed that off,” one writes.
  • Another suggests responding with: “We are unable to afford the food, but we will be attending and bringing a bucket of KFC so as to circumvent the cost of dinner! Cheers!”
  • And lots of users point out that if you can’t afford to feed a crowd at your wedding, it’s best not to have a big reception. “You can have a ceremony followed by wedding cake, punch and coffee,” one offers.
  • “City hall is where you go in situations like these,” another user writes. “Can’t afford getting married, then either don’t or go to city hall.”
  • And one person sums it up perfectly, “Yeah.... that's not how weddings work.”

Source: Reddit/Wedding Shaming

Photo: Getty Images

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