A Man Was Only Slightly Dead.....

Most people probably don't need an advanced medical degree to know the difference between dead and not dead, so you would especially expect a medical examiner to know the difference. But that wasn't the case recently in India.

45-year-old Srikesh Kumar was critically injured in a motorcycle crash and rushed to the hospital where were pronounced dead. He was placed inside a freezer in the morgue and was going to undergo a postmortem exam the next day. But when medical officers arrived, they were stunned to find he was still alive. He was breathing and moving, even after more than seven hours in the freezer.

The hospital's superintendent said, "The emergency medical officer examined him. He did not find any signs of life and hence declared him dead." The medical officer was wrong. Kumar's family says it will sue the hospital for negligence, but hospital officials insist he was dead and miraculously came back to life. (India Times) 

Photo: Getty Images

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