Steve's Food News: Devoted Fans Start SaveTabSoda Committee

Back in October 2020, the Coca-Cola company announced it would be “reshaping its beverage portfolio.” This was really just a fancy way of saying they would be discontinuing some of their longtime products, including Odwalla drinks, Coca-Cola Life, ZICO coconut water and Tab. And fans of the diet soda didn’t take the news well.

Tab has been around since 1963 and despite sales slowing since the 1970s and 1980s (the heyday for those pink cans), a lot of folks still want it. Since the news that the plug was being pulled on Tab, devotees have taken action. They’ve formed a group, the SaveTabSoda Committee, that works on “coordinated call days,” where they call the Coca-Cola customer service line to try to persuade the company to change its mind.

The organization also started an online fundraising campaign, which has raised over $17-hundred in donations that will be used to help their cause. But they didn’t stop there! SaveTabSoda members also launched a petition, which has close to 3-thousand signatures, but it seems all their hard work just isn’t enough. Despite the best efforts of the Tab superfans, the Coca-Cola Company doesn’t seem to be backtracking on their plan. A company spokesperson only says, “We appreciate the passionate legion of Tab lovers who have reached out and who embraced the brand for nearly six decades.”

Source: Food and Wine

Photo: Getty Images

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