Lady Impaled Her Foot on a High-Heel While Killing a Spider

Woman afraid of spider

Photo: Getty Images

25-year-old Alyssa Lambert spotted a Huntsman spider in her bedroom late last month. They're not deadly, but they're big and kind of look like a tarantula with longer legs.

It was up by the ceiling. So she stood on her bed and tried to kill it with bug spray. But that only enraged the spider, and it LUNGED at her.

So Alyssa panicked and jumped off the bed . . . then immediately felt a sharp pain in her foot. But it wasn't a spider bite.

It turned out she'd left a high-heel shoe on the ground right next to her bed. And she landed on it so hard, it IMPALED HER FOOT.

The tip of the heel punctured the bridge of her foot, down by her heel. And it was LODGED there, so she couldn't pull it out.

Her roommate got her an ambulance. And X-rays showed the heel was lodged almost TWO INCHES in her foot. So she had to have surgery, but she's doing better. She should be walking again soon.

Alyssa did technically win the fight though, by the way. The spider didn't make it. 

 (Here's her X-ray. And here's a much more graphic photo of it.)

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