People Share Their Partners’ Most Disgusting Habits

Living with your significant other, or even just shacking up, can be amazing, but it can also reveal some things about them you never knew when you were just dating. Spending all that time together helps people let their guards down so they feel like they can truly be themselves, which means they get more comfortable doing things in front of you that they might not do with everyone else. Lifehacker asked people to share their partner’s grossest habits and for better or worse, they did.

  • Hair in the shower - We’ll start off with a mild one. Several people’s S.O.’s move their hair spiders that collect in the drain to the side of the tub or on the shower wall.
  • Toenail clipping - Complaints in this department range from where it’s done to where the clippings are left. Some folks just clip anywhere and don’t worry about where the toenail pieces land and one leaves them on the coffee table to “throw away later,” but always forgets.
  • Flicking beard hair - One man refuses to shave and instead, “he will sit on the couch and just pluck hairs from his face with his fingernails one by one, putting them on his shirt,” his partner says. “Then once his shirt is covered in these little hairs, he will just flick them on the couch, or the carpet, or wherever.”
  • Weird nose-blowing technique - “She would blow her nose on the bed sheets or into her hand. Every time I’d hand her a tissue, but she never got the hint that I thought it was revolting.”
  • Bad bathroom etiquette - Some people don’t mind going to the bathroom in front of each other, while others can’t stand listening to and watching their partners poop with the door open and try to have conversations while on the toilet.
  • More flicking - “My wife takes out her contacts at night and just flicks them wherever. Like the floor, the nightstand or the wall. It’s so gross, if you step on them, they stick to your feet.”
  • Kitchen sink clutter - “When cooking, she just throws the trash in the sink …those styrofoam/plastic things meat comes packaged in, bags, chicken skin, vegetable trimmings.”
  • Earwax issues - Someone’s coworker has a gross public ear-cleaning technique. He bent a paperclip and dug into his ear with the smaller side … all while making eye contact with them. “Then he pulls it out, looks at the gunk collected, and proceeds to clean it off. After which he bends it flat again and uses it to clip work papers together!”

Source: Lifehacker

Photo: Getty Images

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